Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I want to curse. No, really. There might be a holy time for a F-bomb, and this might be one of those times. As in, "Steve, what the [expletive] are you doing?" Let me honest here: I don't like other religions. 'Hate' applies to some of them. Why? Because they're missing Jesus. [You're a compromiser too; "invincible ignorance," anyone?--ed.] Look, whatever that means or doesn't mean, one thing is clear, which no Catholic worth his salt would dare deny: Truth from God only flows in one direction--TOWARD Jesus Christ. You're either floating down the river that leads to living water, or you've reached the Spring. (Or, of course, you could be moronically running the other way.) But woe to the one who loves men more than Christ! Read Hebrews. Then, read it again. How about a third time? Good. Feel better? Rinse and repeat as necessary. Someone should pay for this. I blame Luther. [Luther Vandross?--ed.] Hardly. Besides, listening to that kat is about as close to going to church as you can get without actually going. Straight up. But I digress. I believe in the full explication of the Scriptures whenever possible (Protestant bretheren, ready? 1, 2, 3..."The whole counsel of God!!!" and...scene! Great job, everyone!) but I don't blame evangelists for piling up a list of verses about the exclusivity of Christ, and just repeating those a million times. You could do worse, way worse. Like this guy. Someone punch me in the face.
Holy Water

Like mercy
Does the water fall
Big love
Couched in droplets small.
It means…

At your gates, O Lord,
At your gates
We enter by water
Which he hates,
The enemy of our souls.

The door, the sky, the River,
All love from You, the giver.
Could we but see it,
Your will to deliver.
As for me, I will not shut my eyes.