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Showing posts from April 19, 2009
Someone please remind me not to listen to sappy, broken-hearted songs about divorce from Don Henley before my Marriage and Family Counseling class. Or maybe don't. I just know all this talk of communicating, digging under surface emotions, and staying connected has me wondering wistfully if my parents ever tried any of that. Now, I love Don Henley, but I know that this popping into my over the last weeks has more to do with those secret kid hopes that our parents would reconsider themselves. It's too late for me; Dad died a long time ago. I wanted to know if I was crazy, so just my luck, I found myself in a conversation with a fellow seminarian whose parents divorced, and I asked him. He said no, he'd had that thought and hope since he was fifteen. It made me wonder if Dad would've said anything like this to Mom had he had the chance. Maybe things would have been different. At least one thing. I have enjoyed reading Sara S. Katz's column "Single in the Suburb