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Kate Upton Has A Soul

Duh. Right? But she does. I saw her on one of the late-night talk shows last night, and I was curious how she would dress. (Trust me, you can find her in any state of undress on the internet in short order.) But she was dressed very tastefully, actually. And since the guy was going to actually talk with her, and my soul was safe, (so it seemed) I settled in to listen for a spell. She's a very likable person. Believe this or not, but she has an innocence about her that is very real. She talked about going to photo shoots in Germany when she was just a teen. Can you believe that? I certainly believe you can be a chaste model, but isn't it also true that children who are way too young are sexualized and made into objects of lust? Child pornographers aren't aliens; they're us, with the veneer of respectability stripped away. I promise you, I saw past it all. I saw that she's just a little girl. Frankly, she looked like she needed a hug. I'm not sure; I have noth

Marriage Is...

Ready? It's a definition, real simple. Marriage is a permanent, unbreakable sexual union between a man and a woman. Anything else is...something else. Any other definitions are clouded with pointless emotional baggage about feelings and the like. The State doesn't care about your feelings, and neither do I. (Ha!)

Once Again

5. It seemed like a good idea at the time. 4. If we're going to have a War On Drugs, we need a war on Kenny Loggins. Honestly. 3. Tiger Woods does need to relax if he's going to get to 19 majors. He needs real joy, but it won't happen unless he moves toward Jesus Christ. Yeah, I said it. His dad was his Cus D'Amato; unfortunately, his life path is very similar to the other athlete in this parallel. Rick Reilly is right. 2. Yes, I'm rooting for Notre Dame tonight, but not for Catholic reasons, because ND isn't Catholic. Yeah, I said it. It's for Pat. Pat Summitt, for the uninitiated. The greatest basketball coach of all time, who deserves her name mentioned alongside Snarky Geno, not after. Yeah, I said it. 1. The Lady Vols had only 227 losses in Summitt's 38 year tenure. In basketball. It's normal even for national champions in the NCAA to lose 5 games. 6 losses per year; that's it. Just let that sit for a minute. [Does it bother you tha

On Being A "Bigot"

Forgive me if this sounds defiant, but you may call me whatever name you wish, owing to my unwillingness to smile and tell you that of course you can re-define marriage, or that homosexual conduct is right and good. I don't care. Because the only thing that matters to me is my conscience. If 99 percent of the public believed it was acceptable to put cute household pets in blenders, (pardon the example) I still wouldn't do it, because it's wrong. But you, homosexuality advocate, seem to think it matters that half or almost half of people don't seem to mind. The morality under which I operate doesn't shift based on what most people say. Most people can't be trusted to find Missouri on a map; I'm not getting life advice from most people. And part of your mistake may be due to the fact that great movements for true justice made use of democratic means. But don't mistake it; we do not make justice by our majoritarian consensus; the best we can say is that w