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Showing posts from July 12, 2009
5 Reactions To Last Night's All-Star Game in St. Louis: 5. The National League apparently sucks. They haven't won since the summer of the Atlanta Olympic Games. Carl Lewis won gold there. Yes, it was a long time ago. 4. If Sara Evans can sing that well, I want to ask her why she mailed it in on the night of her guest appearance on Nashville Star . 3. Geez, Albert Pujols is good. He didn't even get a hit, and he was still memorable. 2. Ichiro Suzuki might have been the most talented guy in the park that night, a park that contained Musial, Brock, Smith, Gibson, and Schoendienst. 1. Don't quit your day job, President Obama. That was a terrible first pitch.
Mindless Musical Blather of the Day I have this playlist of 180 songs, eclectic enough to make me look open-minded, and mainstream enough to make critics and snobs throw up. Anyway, I'm listening to Ashlee Simpson's song "Pieces Of Me," a guilty pleasure to be sure, and trying to figure out why I like it so much. I figured it out: she reminds me of Anna Nalick. Ms. Nalick had a couple radio hits awhile back, if you recall. In any case, my list took me next to Bryan White , which, if you don't know Bryan White, you should. If people were imprisoned for having too much talent, White would be sharing a cell in the Pop Music Wing (all genres) with Glen Campbell and Michael Jackson. I heard a country music legend (can't remember which one) say he couldn't believe all that talent was contained in one person, that of Campbell, and a critic described White as a "90s Glen Campbell." [Side Rant: If you refuse to consider country music real music, I don&#
Bad internet has kept me from posting, but it's that time again! Oh, yes. A snarky top 5 list! And so: Still Five More Ways To Tell You've Spent Too Much Time at Christ Our King in Columbia, MO: 5. You think Israel was formed into the twelve tribes somewhere in West Virginia. 4. You wear a clerical robe while grilling hamburgers. 3. "This IS your grandmother's church!" and you are happy about that. 2. You hear a story about the nightlife of Copenhagen, Denmark...and it's not a joke. 1. You sing the three-fold Amen after changing the oil on your car. (Thanks, Jamie.)
A Protestant Reflection On The Catholic Eucharist I molest him not Whose pious senses Incline him to destroy The skeptic’s errand-boy, Rationalism. And no more just occasion For this noble refutation Doth time and grace afford Than at the Table, The Table of the Lord. Ah, noble Mystery The fulcrum of History Finished there Present here “Proclaim!” doth it declare. A danger it is not A snare it is not. Though such Faith, not all queries Doth it deflect, To receive Our Lord, who can object?