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Showing posts from March 13, 2011
Good for you, Grant Hill . But there's some real tension here culturally, isn't there? Cultural expressions that in themselves are real and valid, but expressed more widely do belie an anti-white, anti-intellectualism. Anti-white feelings are totally understandable, even if I think most black Americans are trapped politically and culturally by a revisionist history and victimology. But of course I would say that; I'm white and privileged. But anti-intellectualism is bad. Still, to what extent does "blackness" require hostility to the prevailing culture? To what extent does that culture reflect the pressure to homogenize, [sp?] which is itself a racist impulse? Or is it? Paging Anthony Bradley! This is the post I wanted to write last week; I was so mad and irritated at the good doctor that I wanted to egg his house and write "VIVA GOLDWATER!" all over it. (But seriously, I love Goldwater. I'm sad he lost. Mostly.)