Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good for you, Grant Hill. But there's some real tension here culturally, isn't there? Cultural expressions that in themselves are real and valid, but expressed more widely do belie an anti-white, anti-intellectualism. Anti-white feelings are totally understandable, even if I think most black Americans are trapped politically and culturally by a revisionist history and victimology. But of course I would say that; I'm white and privileged. But anti-intellectualism is bad. Still, to what extent does "blackness" require hostility to the prevailing culture? To what extent does that culture reflect the pressure to homogenize, [sp?] which is itself a racist impulse? Or is it? Paging Anthony Bradley! This is the post I wanted to write last week; I was so mad and irritated at the good doctor that I wanted to egg his house and write "VIVA GOLDWATER!" all over it. (But seriously, I love Goldwater. I'm sad he lost. Mostly.)