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Showing posts from March 11, 2012
I feel the need to comment on this. This isn't some egg-headed Marxist blathering on about Critical Race Theory; we have a kid shot for carrying Skittles by a guy in the Neighborhood Watch. We must have a way to go if being black keeps you from exercising your right to life. This wasn't some tragic accident; some gated-community moron actually thought there's no way a black kid belonged there. I favor absolute 2nd Amendment rights; I think the state governments can prohibit us from owning Uzis if they like. That's about it. I like many gun rights conservatives and believe that they carry on a noble part of the American spirit. But do I believe that real racism and bigotry exists unexamined on the Right, broadly speaking? Yes. Real conservatives assert their rights and advocate for them in the face of the real harm that a lack of liberty can cause. In fact, the case for freedom and limited government gets even stronger through the eyes of the historically disadvantaged.
I wondered about my sanity when I looked back at my ESPN men's tournament bracket, realizing that I had placed Witchita State in the Elite Eight. Witchita State was dismissed in the (actual) first round by Colorado. Yikes!
My last post brought me to 750. That's interesting. Ups, downs, and everything in between. Right now as I type this, Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross are singing their remake-duet of "Endless Love." I love this song. I think the original song won an Oscar. That's not normal. As much as I love that original version, it is my view that this one is better. Luther=classy. You might say we have found the one singer who can leave Mariah Carey, the best-selling artist of the 1990s, awestruck with celebrity.
I've been away for much longer than I intend; today is waiting day. I'm waiting to hear about a job. Nothing big, just a part-time deal from home. We're all also waiting on the results of Republican primaries in Alabama, Mississippi, and Hawai'i. Romney is expected to win the Aloha State, so all attention turns to the South. I do not for a second believe any of the polls coming out of the two states. Gingrich will not win tonight, and neither will Romney. But Santorum MUST avoid 3rd place in both places, or he's done. If he doesn't, Romney will say that he did way better than anyone thought and that Gingrich is a regional irrelevance (which he is). Next week, (or the week after) IL is the huge prize. I had expected a huge Romney win in a liberal state, but Santorum is within the margin of error. A win would instantly reset the race. A close loss would push Santorum forward. We'll see.