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Showing posts from April 4, 2010
5 Masters Thoughts 5. Tiger is right there--and he hasn't yet had a good round. 4. I hope the wind blows and the greens are fast tomorrow. 3. I'm rooting for the old guys. 2. I'm rooting for an American. 1. I want to see an old-timers match play with Nicklaus and Gary Player. Heck, Gary broke 80 last year at the age of 79 at the Tiger-proofed nightmare that is Augusta. Shorten the holes a bit, and give the old lions one last chance to shine.
5 Thoughts On Duke's 61-59 Championship Game Victory 5. Brian Zoubek, I officially recant all those bad things I said about your offensive competence (or lack thereof). 4. Get on the Singler Express now; he's the official senior leader now, with the graduation of Jon Scheyer. And yes, Duke-haters: the national media will tout him like he's Kareem or MJ; it's the annual ritual. 3. Coach K is genuinely surprised that this Duke team are the champs, I'd wager. And so am I. I'm something of a Duke fan, but they felt overrated to me. Overly reliant on jump-shots, they seemed not far from a terrible game and tourney loss. But a great job they did proving me wrong. 2. Look out for Butler and Coach Stevens. In one season, they have officially entered the "You Are Not A Mid-Major Anymore and Are Expected To Win" Zone, AKA the Gonzaga Zone. 1. Eat it, North Carolina Tar Heels. Bonus Point 1A. Yes, it is ridiculously significant that Mike Krzyzewski has now won 4