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Showing posts from October 29, 2006
I was searching for a notebook; it's a notebook that would contain my notes and reflections on four English renderings of 1 Cor 11:23-30 (look it up for yourself) as a small part of an exegetical paper I'm writing. In the course of my fruitless searching, I found some music: She Must And Shall Go Free, by Derek Webb. I said, "Geez, I haven't listened to this since 'W' carved up a certain French-looking Senator from Massachusetts." I thought it had been lost or stolen. So, I put it in my computer, 'ripping' the tracks to my extensive library. Now, before I say this, let me say this other thing: I am a HUGE fan of Caedmon's Call. I believe the whole gaggle of them are among the more accomplished songwriters and musicians on the planet at this point in time. And Mr. Webb deserves 99% percent of the praise he's received. That said... This album in spots is insufferably pretentious. At what point, and by who's urging, did Derek Webb receive