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Showing posts from January 4, 2009
With All Due Respect: Love In A Wheelchair I'm a fairly talkative guy. My favorite thing to do is conversation. And because I'm young and single--and pretty darn attractive--I can often be found discussing the women I know; namely, the potential for a romantic happening, if you will. A little while ago, I was discussing these matters with someone, and after a time, my friend stopped me and said something like, "Have you considered dating someone who shares your disability?" It's not the first time, and surely it won't be the last. So let me take this opportunity to answer it again. No. Emphatically, no. I'm not the member of a victim class; I don't think about the socio-political implications of being a "disabled American" or whatever "we" are supposed to call ourselves these days. At the risk of offense, I don't care. If I am discriminated against, I'll deal with it personally. If one has issues with an entire class of peop
Yes, there have been errors; there have been even tragic lapses in judgment. But surely this man has earned 1 puff-piece in 8 years. The Lord be with you, President Bush.