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Showing posts from November 28, 2021

Moment To Moment

 I always get a little jumpy, when I hear someone say they want to do great things for God. God doesn't need us to do things for him. We need to find ourselves in Him. Have you ever had the thought that the moment that just passed was the moment that made your destiny? Even if it was mundane, that's a possibility. Lewis's devils in The Screwtape Letters seem to think that slow and steady wins the race for them. I don't fancy myself a too impressive follower of Jesus, but if I can claim one moment for the good, if I can steal one moment of contemplation of the goodness of God, that is one moment less for evil, and one moment less of my participation in evil. I have an awareness of my own failures enough to know that I haven't won anything; the forces of evil never stop, and they will never surrender. Yet I have an opportunity to string lots of little moments together, to make a life of goodness and charity.

Mitch McConnell Is An Unprincipled, Scheming Twerp (But Down With Roe)

 It was dishonorable to sit on the Supreme Court nomination of Merrick Garland for over a year, and then hypocritically rush Justice Barrett through the process before an election. Dishonorable, but not illegal. I don’t think the seats were “stolen,” therefore; the Democrats got beaten at the game they started. Unless the confirmation process itself was illegal, no one on the Court sits illegally, and any noise to the contrary is just that. And if Roe v. Wade goes down, there won’t be any sad tears here. My dislike for the GOP and President Trump notwithstanding.

Deep Thoughts, With Fall Out Boy

"They say the captain goes down with the ship So, when the world ends Will God go down with it?" --Fall Out Boy, "What A Catch, Donnie," (2008) "Folie a Deux" LP. -- It's a solid question, actually. The answer is surprising: yes. God did, in a sense, go down with the ship. We could see the world as we know it after the fall of mankind as in a certain way dominated by evil. God had of course promised to redeem, right from the beginning, but until the death of Christ, the great blow against evil had not been struck. From one angle, the crucifixion of Jesus is the high point