Friday, September 05, 2008

Good luck resisting this song. Of course I know the original. They're both great, but Gwen's is better. "Pray tell," you ask, "why mention a song whose remake is itself not current?" I have a theory: try to be behind the times (or at least behind the charts) a bit. If a song sounds good to you three years later, there's a good chance you won't be ashamed of it in five or six. If you think it's still good then, chances are you're golden for 15-20. At that point, unless you are a total freak-show, (or even if you are) there are other souls who share your view that this track stinkin' rules the world, man! I know some of my music scares my friends. It's terribly eclectic, so that's no surprise. But music is powerful. Let noone deny this. I'll bet you can stop a war with a song. Or start one, for that matter. People do everything to music. I saw a commericial a couple weeks ago that moved me. No, it was a vignette of a commercial. A hippie in a cab says to a cab driver, "You can't just like music, man; you gotta love music." My friend thought it was funny; I did not. I could not agree more. Almighty God delights to receive worship in song. What further proof is needed that to make music is a primal, basic human function? I can be a little reticent to embrace a new kind of music, and a bit parochial in my almost visceral dislike of baby-boomer music (old white rock, that is) but I love music.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

That’s what I keep thinking. She does appear to be exactly the sort for whom I’d vote. As I noted, Obama is alienating me again. I am fully prepared to overlook his gravest weakness if he will make the effort to convince me he’s not Huey Long (or Father Coughlin). Or that his foreign policy will not be the Obama Apology Tour. I may well want to go in a different direction, but Europe or anyone else can firmly plant their lips on my posterior if they think I’m ashamed of my president or my country. I appreciate rather the gravity of those decisions and the office, even if I disagree (e.g. waterboarding). I noticed also that I like McCain better when others extol him. Maybe he should do what Kerry tried: stay away, and shut up. That’s really your best option when you are a pompous windbag in a winnable election. (Thanks, Mickey) Honestly, Obama’s appeal is also his weakness: he thinks like a college freshman. He’s an idealist. Sure, he can’t be bothered with messy realities (like socialism kills people) but, particularly when we’re dropping bombs on people (shorthand for Iraq) to highly questionable and unclear ends, “give peace a chance” sounds pretty good. But let’s cut though it: Obama is lying about a “new kind of politics.” If you didn’t know it, he plays dirty. He threw out red meat (red tofu?) to the delegates, and that’s what makes the old politics what it is. Unless everyone wants a less hawkish foreign policy, these vaunted Obamicans must not be too smart; limited government is just a bad joke to Obama.