Friday, January 13, 2012

It's one-thirty in the morning on a Friday. It's cold here; whatever the actual temperature, it's the kind of cold that twists your guts and takes your breath away. I saw on Facebook that a friend who was married is now listed as 'single.' Personally, I want that person to know that I have the urge to kick his/your @^! I heard you whine about your singleness for four solid years. Instead of being reflective about those traits in oneself that might cause difficulty in marriage, I heard you call your Christian sisters every name in the book. I know from experience that one shouldn't always say what one thinks, but it never stopped you. And now your wife is halfway across the country, and you act like you're gonna start over. You've got to be kidding.
You don't even have the "Red Ceiling" that I have to break through; you won. I can't really even picture what it was, but I say it's on you to go fix it. Yes, women--every single last one of them--are completely, totally, irrevocably insane. But you are a husband, like it or not. [What about "Aunt Carol"?--ed.] Well, I'd say that God does miracles all the time. It would appear that the Professor has learned to live with her kind of crazy. [A bunch of statues, and a driver's seat out of place, eh?--ed.] I'm sure that's not all. Anyway, my rude, late-night thoughts.