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Showing posts from October 25, 2009
5 Thoughts While Listening To A Babyface Tune 5. This cat probably writes #1 songs while humming in the shower. 4. If only I could write a song 1/10 as good as the worst he's written... 3. He looks good for 50. 2. You make it sound so easy. 1. DO NOT commit adultery , but especially not against a great singer-songwriter.
5 Possible Activites After the Most Brutal Hebrew Exam in the History of American Protestant Seminary Education 5. Read Dune. 4. Read The Andromeda Strain. 3. Read the Westminster Confession of Faith (specifically, the sections on Perseverence!). 2. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 1. Sob uncontrollably. I just realized I could some up the first part of the list as, "Read dystopic, misanthropic, sci-fi novels." Bitter much?