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Someone Should Say It

Michael Sam is headed for Hell. And that's nothing to celebrate. This isn't a conversation about how Christians should approach the unique challenges of those who experience same-sex attraction. It might even be true that we haven't done very well; I don't know. My primary concern on most days is my own soul. I do know that the Christian teaching is abundantly clear: Any sexual acts outside of marriage (and a few that are not proper to spouses within it) are grave sins, and put one at risk. If you sin, repent. Some of you attend some "church" that tells you that this, and many other things, are OK. This is why someone should also say that ultimately, only the Magisterium of the Catholic Church speaks with the authority of Christ. Even princes of his holy Church may lead you astray. And just so we're clear, the University of Missouri is my alma mater. We're all huge fans of the football program, and Michael Sam in particular. He's a great foot