Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5 Post-Masters Thoughts

5. The group is kind of eclectic in the last few years--lots of foreigners at the top, and near the top.

4. I'm glad Tiger didn't win. Tiger has some living and growing to do; adding to his legend at a time like this would be really bad for him (and others).

3. Jim Nantz rules. He's approaching the Costas Zone, for those who need to be on my TV at key sporting moments.

2. Some people may not like how the Masters controls everything--including what you see the first two days--but it does add to the mystique of the thing.

1. I was not a fan of Phil Mickelson before this. I didn't even have a reason. But now, I am. And of Mrs. Mickelson too. And every day that Phil and other players are adultery-free...let's just say it should be part of the rankings.

Unrelated Side-Rant: "Protestants do good things, but..." I hear sentences like this these days, as I spend a great deal of time with observant orthodox Catholics. It may well be that the Catholic Church is the one Christ founded. It may be that various Protestants are mired in layers of heresy and schism. And the Catholic has much to boast about; what little I know of your saints is enough to enrapture the heart of any Christian with Christ. (No eschatological pun intended) I also would note that if anything surely subsists in the Catholic Church, it is the intellectual capital of what's left of the "Western" world. Thinking Christians of all stripes heartily thank you (as we thieve whatever is useful). THAT SAID...You do not know what spirit you are of, (AKA Ya Betta Check Yo'self Fo' U Wreck Yo'self) friend. As you lament the weakness in your own ranks, as you watch and pray weighed down with tears, do well to remember that I, along with scores of my brethren, may be the cavalry coming over the hill. One can say one knows that the Spirit works mightily outside the visible Body (Romishly defined); it is another thing to know intimately that truth because you've lived it. What can I say? You wish to know the people I know. The kind of people you pray to meet each day, Catholic, these are the people I know. If we will be reunited, all I can say is, you have no idea what's coming. It's enough to make a man triumphalistic. What I've seen, who I've known, what we've done by itself makes Rome's claims seem preposterous. You'd think He had it all backwards, honestly. Please, I beg you, take a moment to imagine us out here. If you caught a glimpse for a second of what a whole Church would be, I daresay you would not be so quick to move from the thought.