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Showing posts from April 11, 2010
5 Post-Masters Thoughts 5. The group is kind of eclectic in the last few years--lots of foreigners at the top, and near the top. 4. I'm glad Tiger didn't win. Tiger has some living and growing to do; adding to his legend at a time like this would be really bad for him (and others). 3. Jim Nantz rules. He's approaching the Costas Zone, for those who need to be on my TV at key sporting moments. 2. Some people may not like how the Masters controls everything--including what you see the first two days--but it does add to the mystique of the thing. 1. I was not a fan of Phil Mickelson before this. I didn't even have a reason. But now, I am. And of Mrs. Mickelson too. And every day that Phil and other players are adultery-free...let's just say it should be part of the rankings. Unrelated Side-Rant: "Protestants do good things, but..." I hear sentences like this these days, as I spend a great deal of time with observant orthodox Catholics. It may well be that the