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Showing posts from April 24, 2005
I'm not good at this blogging game. Thoughts worth writing about are as transient as the sunlight these days here in Missouri. It's been rainy and cold 5 days in a row. I know what they say: Keep writing! But I've never been able. Maybe I have the mind of the quintessential professional writer; I'm too proud to write only for myself, and too worried about others' opinions to write even when it sucks. I'm going to say 'sucks' on a Christian blog, and I dare the word-fascists to get angry about it. I care about holiness too. But that's the kind of silliness that makes the world around us think we're nuts, and we deserve it on that one. God's not an old man in the sky keeping score on a clipboard. If you censor your own language believing that a minor alteration in speech will in any way hide your true feelings from God, or improve your standing with Him, then you are misguided indeed. Certain situations are good times for self-censorship, other