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Showing posts from December 24, 2006
I find myself exploring my music collection again, having just added two new selections--The Killers' Hot Fuss, and The All-American Rejects' Move Along. I believe it's possible that The All-American Rejects are rejected (ha ha) out of hand by purist fans of the genre--whatever it is--because the vocals and production are so clean. But it's melodically beautiful to me. And anyone who knows me knows clean production moves my spirit. [Side rant: I hate when people get pretentious about popular music. I automatically hate Radiohead since some fans seem so intent on defining themselves in opposition to others' tastes. Not fair, I know.] Fitting that I have Creed playing right now. I figured out why so many people liked/like Creed, including myself: 1. Clean production 2. beautiful guitar arrangements 3. Spiritually ambiguous lyrics that hint at a kind of inoffensive American evangelicalism. (3) could be bad...hmmm. And did you ever notice that, as popular mainstream mus