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Why Am I Not A Democrat? An Answer

It's simple, really: the modern progressive notions about the human person--abortion, euthanasia, marriage, alternative sexualities, and countless related issues. This radical and false individualism undermines not only the common good, but the State's authority for defending the common good. Everything must be re-thought, examined along the lines of humanity's purpose, and final end.

Why Am I Not A Democrat? A Few Thoughts

I have received this question recently, as well as pondered it myself. As you know, I'm not terribly thrilled about the ascendancy of Donald Trump, nor of what he represents: the politics of grievance, of reaction, anger, and division. No need to recount all that here. On the other hand, this is a temporary condition, or so we hope. Why would I change my opinions in that event? Well, I wouldn't. But indeed I have re-thought a few things. I still retain a basic philosophical orientation that limits government in accord with federalism, which in its most perfect form is equivalent to the Catholic concept of subsidiarity. However, in contemporary politics, the notion of limiting government for the sake of individuals and what they can accomplish has been lost. In its place is almost an anti-government dogma, that admits of no distinction between unnecessary or unwise, and unlawful. People have mistaken individualism for individual liberty; some have made a virtue of selfishn