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Don't Sell The Farm, Ray

I was with a buddy on the way to Mass, and he was telling me that he was strongly thinking of switching parishes. There wasn't anything wrong; it's just that, with the kids grown, he never makes it there terribly often. It was pretty random that I was there myself, actually. I was in a jam, and that's where we decided to go. It was the sort of liturgy I hate. I could overlook contemporary music, if in fact we had not been explicitly instructed otherwise.  In the grand scheme of liturgical abuse, though, it can be much, much, worse. I was also annoyed, because the music guy and his "band" were loud and talkative the entire time prior to Mass. The Blessed Sacrament is right over there; shut up. If a long-missed friend wants to whisper "hello," fine. But this is not common space. I didn't know what to think of the priest, either, because he was old. "Old," for the uninitiated into the Latin Rite of American Catholicism, means, "I wa

On The Tongue, Thanks

As in, "How JK would prefer to receive Holy Communion." I wish I could tell you I had some pious reason for that, but no. I am more confident in the functioning of my mouth than my hands. Then again, not wanting to drop the Lord is a pious reason. I do not take the chalice, unless charity has required it. That is, recently, a dear woman was so forward about serving me that it seemed right to do it. I am not at all confident that liquids will go where they should, even on my very best day. People might ask, "What is it really like, to have a severe physical disability?" This is my best attempt to describe it: Consider for the moment if you had to think about every movement of your body before you made it. What if you were simply used to not being able to move certain ways at all? Realize that a random twitch, spasm, or tightness could completely foil what you are trying to do, even if you've done it the same way hundreds of times. You'd have to be ready for

Mass Is Mass

It really isn't my place to decide (or yours) that the "New Mass" isn't as good as the "Old Mass." It just isn't. The "Old Mass" isn't even old! The bygone ancient days of 1962! O woe to the Church in America! Whatever shall we do? You have a right to demand that we celebrate Mass according to the liturgical rubrics. We have the right and the duty to strive to worship with the most sacred music we are capable of producing. I actually believe that. If we're not doing this, or working toward it, we are tolerating liturgical abuse and mediocrity. But here's what I don't believe: I don't believe Vatican II is a swear-word. I don't believe I need to play word-games, deciding what is "dogmatic" and what is "pastoral," then deciding I can ignore the latter. I don't pine for the "good ol' days." I just got here; I think this is the greatest Church ever, because it is. Not because we are

5 Thoughts For Today

5. I guess I'm supposed to be mad that John Roberts didn't strike the healthcare law down. We Republicans have blathered on about "activist judges" for 30 solid years, and then we act surprised when a man nurtured not only in the law, but in that political environment, decides not to be one. Makes total sense. 4. If the Koch brothers are supporting Walker, no offense, but I'm not. I'm not liberal; I just don't believe in a libertarian conception of society. 3. What do you call the anniversary of full communion with the Church? A Churcversary? Euchaversary? Popeversary? (Happy 7 years, Rachel Kondro!) 2. [That was easily the worst list point ever. I am ashamed to know you.--ed.] Hey, if I don't have stupid humor, what've I got? 1. "Interstellar" is one of the best films I've ever seen. Third time now. And I'm more convinced of it. "The Judge" was even better. But yeah, I'm not sorry.