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It comes to pass as I sit here and write this that my quest to find God's whole Truth (essentially to know Christ more fully) is not near over. Some days, I can picture being a Catholic with all that it means, while others, I simply sense of whole pile of unfalsifiable dogma, wrapped in a blanket of unfalsifiable ecclesial infalliability. I'd like to leap, and dare God to bless me, but as "Uncle Marty" might say, that's neither right nor safe to me at this time. Worse still, I love my place as a student at a Reformed seminary. I think the men and women they will graduate will be shown to be noble warriors for the cause of Christ, and it is my distinct honor to call so many friends. People are in great need, and so many will find rest for their souls in such people. And each day would be a battle I'd gladly take up. The world most certainly does not revolve around me. Yet I am confident enough to say that my denomination and the people we serve would be better
5 Reactions To The MA Special Election Last Night 5. Elected officials: fear the Tea Party. They nearly won NY-23 a few months ago, and they won last night. I doubt what we're seeing is a simple resurgence of the GOP. What we are seeing is an ideological war for the heart of conservatism. 4. Ding-dong, ObamaCare is dead! The remaining tricks left to avoid a vote/filibuster are devious, even for the Dems. And besides, you don't think those are all Pelosi/Obama Dems in the House, do you? They'll jump ship if Obama tries to pass the Senate bill word-for-word in the House. Just watch. Man, I love American electoral Kabuki! 3. Brown seems like a normal, good guy. Don't foul it up, sir. 2. I think I can retire all those "People's Republic of Massachusetts/Taxachusetts" jokes for awhile. 1. The whole legislative branch will be Republican come fall of 2012. You might want to dust off those inspirational speeches and find your inner Bill Clinton, (in a good way) M
P.S. Note to First Things: Embedding people's mostly political blogs on your site is dumb if you care more about your message.
Instapundit has a link to Gateway Pundit, noting the fact that President Obama's nominee to head the Transportation Safety Administration, Erroll Southers, has withdrawn for allegedly making controversial statements comparing pro-life advocates to race terrorists. So I watched the video. My conclusion is: The game of "gotcha!" must stop. Put it this way: I consider myself pretty right-wing. I'm about to receive an NRA membership for my 30th birthday, and I couldn't be happier. I almost wrote in my friend Peter G. Klein for president in 2008. In fact, if you are looking for that perfect fusion between Reagan and Ron Paul, I am that guy. [ You shored up your right-wing bona fides by voting for Obama.--ed. ] Exactly. The point is, if you take the novel step, of you know, listening to the guy, he didn't say pro-lifers were terrorists; he merely noted (somewhat pointlessly) that a sub-group of white supremacists will identify as pro-life, probably as an excuse fo
Alomar, PED, and the Hall of Fame There has been something of a minor furor over Roberto Alomar’s narrow failure to be elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame by 8 votes. Alomar, the celebrated second baseman whose prime in the 1990s was celebrated even at the time, famously spat in the face of an umpire while playing for Baltimore. In short, the word is that he may have ruffled more than a few feathers. And so the cycle begins anew each year, as decorated players from the media age end their careers with impressive but not certain cases for election. Sometimes, we get the added bonus of a personal cloud hanging over a player, as in this case. The age-old questions arise: Do we compare him to his contemporaries? Is dominance the measure of worthiness? To what extent do we consider his position, and the expected offensive (or defensive) production commensurate with it? For the era itself, we ask if league expansion has diluted the quality of competition. And surely we ask if the use of perf
5 Songs In My Head When I Woke Up This Morning (Or Lines Therein) 5. "When it feels like the world is on your shoulders/And all of the madness has got you goin' crazy..." 4. "Oh when you walk by every night, talkin' sweet and looking fine/I get kinda hectic inside..." 3. "My love, there's only you in my life/The only thing that's right..." 2. "When can my heart beat again?/When does the pain ever end..." 1. "Sure, I think about you now and then/But it's been a long, long, time..." Bonus Track: "There was a girl from a wagon train/Who headed west across the plains..."