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Showing posts from June 20, 2010
My loyal reader is prompted to ask why I didn't liveblog the USA-Algeria match from Wednesday. The answer is: I wanted to actually watch the match. It takes me longer to type than you may think. And I feel a certain obligation to record semi-accurately pertinent details from said match, which limits enjoyment, in a sense. I'm thrilled about it all, of course. I follow most sports, and I am an ardent patriot. Landon Donovan, the scorer of the winning goal in stoppage time (because the clock counts up in soccer, stoppages do not affect it per se; thus, the head ref adds the time lost that he deems appropriate to the end of each half) has been the symbol of American soccer for eight years, and perhaps the nation's greatest player. How fitting indeed. The ninety-first minute of the game (with 4 added minutes of stoppage time) was the occasion for the most necessary goal. Had the goal not been scored, and that within the following 3 and a half minutes, the game would have ended
In addition to reclaiming interesting phrases for the English language, join me in my quest to reclaim rainbows . [Side-Rant/Disclaimer: In no way does my lamentation over the hijacking of the rainbow for a cause mean that I hate homosexuals. On the contrary; stop by, have a beer, share some laughs. Provided, of course, that you are not a "d-bag"* as they say in the vernacular.] Remember when a rainbow was just a rainbow? I dare you to wear, display, paint, or draw anything rainbow-colored. You'll have a spontaneously generated meeting of the Triangle Coalition on your front lawn before you can say " Eric McCormack ." Which I hate, because 1) I like rainbows, 2) I don't actually enjoy political discussions/heated debates/awkward meetings with church elders every 5 seconds. [Side-Rant #2, Subject: Homosexuality: Is the practice of homosexuality prohibited by the Bible, and thus, morally wrong? Yes. Get over it. Can the inclination to homosexuality be affected