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Showing posts from January 29, 2012
That was fast. What horrid things to stand for: the rule of law, and people's lives! For the record, eat it, Planned Parenthood. You don't save lives, you destroy them. Susan G. Komen won't get my support, ever. Congratulations.
5 Thoughts For Today 5. Unfortunately, there is no Christian way to say, "You are a muddle-headed idiot." 4. Let me get this straight: You'll stop supporting the murder of defenseless children in the womb if I support your completely useless and harmful socialistic agenda that makes you feel morally superior for holding it? Gotcha. 3. Mitt Romney? Really? No, seriously? The other 3 Republicans should do an ad together saying, "Pick one of us, just not him." I would fund this, I'm not kidding. 2. There should be another ad mocking Romney as the superhero "Slogan-Man." Tell me this wouldn't be hilarious. Again, if I could, I'd fund this. 1. A quiet rest to the man who made "The Greatest" great.
There are two things I want to talk about. (Debated the colon right there; chose otherwise) First, a Congressman Stearns (R-FL) is investigating whether Planned Parenthood has violated the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of taxpayer funds for abortions. Many people on the anti-life side of the abortion issue (we can do it too) are pointing out the political motivation for such an investigation. To which I say: So what? It's quite irksome when those on one's political "team" are harried for political reasons. We can all say that. And of course, this investigation is the stated reason why the Susan G. Komen Foundation has pulled its grant money to Planned Parenthood, as I'm sure you've heard. It could be a witch-hunt, sure. But to sharpen the point, you'd better believe I was glad when Sen. Leahy of Vermont held hearings on Halliburton, et al. overcharging the government for services in Iraq. It doesn't alter the fact that Sen. Leahy appears to b
I'm 32 today. It doesn't show. I still kind of feel like a kid. I want to thank everyone for coming out to the house the other night, especially Bryan and Carol. That's a long way to go! [He knows that, from picking you up 8000 times.--ed.] I'd also add that those cookies were/are outrageously good! [They're whole wheat.--ed.] I don't care if they're made from tree bark and plankton, they're fantastic. Mike Jones, Chris Baer, Justin Klein, Jeff Ryan, and my family lingered after most people left. We played this game called, 'Farkle.' You can imagine that my brother and I found some creative uses for that word. Try imagining a guy saying, 'Aw, man, I Farkled!' without chuckling. You're welcome. It reminds me of Yahtzee, but you play with six dice and the rules are a little different. If you meet Jeff, whatever else you can say, you have to say that he doesn't live for this world. In any game of risk or chance, there comes a point o