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Showing posts from May 11, 2003
I mean no disrespect to all the other instruments on Earth, but sometimes you've got to break it down with an acoustic guitar. Just do it. It will be cathartic for you. Write a song, for pete's sake! It's fun! Guys, girls love it when you write songs. Provided, of course, that you have other good qualities. If you're just a jerk, too bad. A man of honor and integrity is the ideal. Be like Jesus and write songs. And don't say your uncle Jason never gave you any advice.
If you don't have have any Dutch friends, you need to get some. Just to hear Christopher T' hoen say "Dockers" is priceless. Seriously, I'm so glad to have met him over this past year. A wealth of humor, sensitivity and wisdom, Chris is a great blessing to me. Thanks, Dutchman.
The semester didn't go well. I failed my English class. Why can't I read what I'm told? Blast! Thanks be to God, who gives us all things, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Remember that there are blessings (spiritual and material) in Christ right now . I'm looking forward to RUF Mini-Summer Conference on Monday, starring Hugh Barlett and "The Real Deal" Joe Choi leading worship.