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Showing posts from September 8, 2002
We will recall the heady days of William Jennings Bryan, when being "progressive" meant you were passionately pursuing God's Word and applying in all of life, not chasing after man's glorification of himself. Isn't it strange how preachers used to be our greatest men, now we treat them as outmoded anachronisms? Where are we going? Did anyone see Donahue's verbal mauling of the president of a Southern Baptist seminary? What was the horribly offensive remark he uttered to deserve Donahue's wrath, you ask? He said, "Jesus is the Jewish Messiah." Last time I checked, that was our confession for two millenia. Christianity is worthless without that claim. Perhaps that's too offensive these days. How ridiculous!
Welcome to the place where Christians can escape from the relativistic foolishness of the postmodern world. Time to stand up and say,"Enough!"