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To follow up on the last post, I TOTALLY understand if another Christian, possessed of the same information as I have, confronted with the same questions as I have been, nevertheless declines to reach the conclusions I have; none of us can say with any clarity where our own journeys will take us; all we can ask of each other is honesty and charity. What I want to say, however, is that we all deserve a better answer from the Reformed than what we got linked above. If those "neo-Catholics" were personal friends of yours, would you write that response to them? Would you be able to look them in the eye? Now, I may decline to engage the stupid arguments of my uneducated friends, and I might prudentially decide it'd be better not to talk about it, but if I choose to talk about it, I have the obligation not to insult the person for their lack of understanding. That's what's so troubling about this . I've known Bryan Cross for 2 years; I've been eye-to-eye with hi
This essay sucks. Just sucks in every way. I don't see any arguments here; I just see defensive reactions to what may be unfair arguments. We call this ad hominem. The plurality of Protestant denominations does not prove, of itself, the falsehood of the principles of Protestantism. What it does prove is that something has to give: either those communities forfeit the epistemelogical ground upon which to base dogma, (the dogmatic principle) which is liberalism, or undercut the reason for existing as a separate community. Take your pick. I'd rather be Catholic. Do any of you have a good reason why I should not be Catholic, or will you just insult me? The Fathers seemed to think the Church was pretty visible, and easy to find, in the early centuries. Where and when did it become invisible? That's all I need to know. Bonus points if you can tell me which denomination I should choose, if I accept the invisibility of the Church. If you can't win that argument, then you have
I'm kind of a sap. I have a list of favorite chick flicks, and I have a favorite. I like a good drama as well. Every now and again, Hollywood actually makes itself useful by putting out a good one. 1994's With Honors starred Brendan Fraser, Moira Kelly, Joe Pesci, Gore Vidal, and Patrick Dempsey. Yes, that Patrick Dempsey. Fraser played Monty Kessler, a dedicated political science student at Harvard who is in love with his friend, Courtney Blumenthal (Moira Kelly). Skipping past the entire plot to the part that matters, the friends are at a party when Courtney argues with her fornication-buddy, "The Face." She storms out, and Monty follows her outside to a fountain. He puts her face in his hands, and she asks him, "What are you doing?" He answers, "I'm ending our friendship," and they adorably kiss, then embarking on their own fornication adventure, which, we can only hope, ends in a marriage when the characters get around to it. Why'd I te