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Showing posts from December 18, 2011
Permit me to be a bit frank here this evening. If you are working on "marriage" #2 and are not a widow or widower or roped into something on false pretenses, I'm not celebrating squat. You're likely in a state of permanent and public adultery. It's not "fabulous" and I'm not happy for you. Add it to my, "Why Protestantism Sucks" File, #4072. Incontinence with public sanction! Unfair, obnoxious, immoral. Lest you think Mother Church callous, there is provision for separation (but not divorce) in the case of adultery or violence in the Code of Canon Law, canons 1151-55.
Absolutely preposterous. Man, I love baseball. Note to self: I'm never drafting Dan Uggla again. [But he hit 36 HRs and had 82 RBI.--ed.] Dude, I'm a purist. If you hit .233 AFTER the season's longest hitting streak of 33 games, YOU SUCK. (No offense, Dan.)
Here's the Deborah Cox version of the song to which I was previously referring, in case anyone cares. [Great, encourage fornication, why don't you?--ed.] You can use it as a wedding-night song, or even a, "Wow, that was a fantastic first date" song, sheesh. I liked Deborah as soon as I found her; she's like Whitney with better songs.
OK, it's (ex) Protestant Share Time! I'm "in love" with Melanie Fiona . She's awesome. And this means that my three favorite R&B/Soul discoveries of roughly the last 15 years (joining Deborah Cox and Tamia) are all Canadian. Uh oh! C'mon, USA! [They also are very attractive.--ed.] True. But I think the whole movement like, "You don't have to be attractive to be a talented singer" is as manufactured as its opposite. Adele, looking in your direction. [That was harsh.--ed.] Well, we need something real to latch on to if "pop star" doesn't just mean "pretty face." If you're not exceptionally good, being unpretty shouldn't get you a pass. It's like the reverse, PC version of pop star venality. If you're ugly, we'll suck up to you! Bah! I admit my guilt in being a fan of Mya as a teenager for shall we say sensual reasons; however, in my defense, the radio-edit version of "My First Night With You&quo
I cannot write not one, but two semi-sympathetic posts on Christopher Hitchens without mentioning Vaclav Havel. I am a real commie if I don't say anything. I don't know all that much about him, but color me sypathetic to anyone who opposes collectivist totalitarianism. [You are hardly in a position to do that, are you?--ed.] Shush. Did Tim put you up to that? [No, but I like his style.--ed.] I'm sure you do. Anyway, I'd like to think that a whole bunch of professors and other useful idiots--but I repeat myself--wouldn't be so vociferous in defense of their utopian "dreams" if they had to live in one. RIP, Mr. Havel. P.S. Is anyone alarmed by the fact that anti-communism has turned militaristic? Paging Ron Paul! What if the whole worldwide non-left has been tricked into enacting the socialists' plans for them?