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Showing posts from April 25, 2010
Not A Cheerleader Don’t wanna fly Another flag. “Tell the truth, But tell it slant” Ain’t exactly right this time. Ain’t on no team, Ain’t got all the answers, But I’ll find Him If it kills me first. I have Christ, But what we’ve all done Is like invite Him to Supper ‘Long as He stays quiet. What about the questions, Like the smoke of an unfit offering? They will not be waved away Easily with a hand. He bids us in But we stay Outside, Where it’s safe. You mind this, friend, Mind it good, You who have lived near The River: I ain’t swimmin’ Unless it leads me Home.
5 Thoughts On This Tuesday 5. Are they too busy, or have Christian girls lost the ability to say, "No, thanks"? 4. I don't know if that mp3 site was just janky, or illegal, but in any case, 'A Love Story,' by Babyface is outstanding, and Arista should fire the guy who decided to shelve the album. Or is it "shelf"? 3. I eagerly await a Protestant answer to the hermeneutical/ecclesiological conundrum: 1) How do you prove a particular, well, anything from the Scripture? 2) If we disavow apostolic succession, how are we visibly, really connected to the Body of Christ? I await the Catholic answer to the same problem in 1), with an added bonus: It could appear that Catholic apologists appeal to Scripture when useful, and appeal to the revealed Tradition when the scriptural case is tenuous. I'm thinking St. Basil would freak out about that, I dunno. Let me state this in a humorous way: This is the "Everyone on 'The Journey Home' was in Fundie-
Sometimes, the music charts make sense. The iconic, the lasting, the beautiful have their runs at the top, living on for a while on my favorite chart, the AC chart, and make a good number of us happy for years to come (while others fight an urge to find a high cliff). Other times, one cannot believe that such a great tune went unnoticed. Like this one . I'm not a singer, but I want to record this. It hit #81 on the Hot 100 some years ago, and hit #31 on the R&B charts. I am stunned.