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Among other things, I am a total Fanilow. There's just something about the frankness, the undiluted emotion, that appeals to me. When we get to Heaven, God won't take our Love and say, "Too sappy." I suppose when feeling gets too much, it's misdirected or unmoored from reality. That said, rock on, Barry! I am a huge Fantorum, too, if you hadn't noticed. Even if they hadn't told us he was Italian, you can figure it out. That's a masculine genitive plural (Latin) run amok. What do you figure the family name was in Italy? I say, 'Santore.' I love your sweaters, your ill-informed economic policies, (sort of) your snark, and your faith. It kills me. I haven't been this enthusiastic since Bush-Gore. This is how you do 'establishment,' GOP. I went from, "He's better than Romney" to, "Show me the wall, and I'll run through it" Mode. We're going toward Easter, and the supreme demonstration (and vindication) of
5 Thoughts Before The Arizona Republican Debate 5. Ari Fleischer is a smart dude. 4. James Carville is likable at least on TV, despite his belief in all sorts of progressive lunacy. 3. I hate CNN, but Erin Burnett could make me switch networks. Ahem. 2. It's your time, Rick. Don't screw it up. 1. Go Santorum!
The thing that bothers me the most about William Placher's "Readings in the History of Christian Theology" (volume 1 of 2) is that his ecclesiology (Protestant, invisible) leads him to say dangerous things about Christology that, at best, are confusing. I guess when you don't/can't construe determinations of a valid Ecumenical Council (with no clear definition or necessity to define what that actually means, see paragraph 884 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church) as true as such, you end up with 'gems' like this: "'Monophysite' Christians still survive in the Coptic Church of Egypt, and 'Nestorian' Christians spread throughout much of Asia, but the Chalcedonian compromise set the terms of orthodoxy for most Christians." (49) Are you trying to be equivocal on the meaning of the word "Christian"? It's not by accident that monophysitism is a heresy . Good grief. Look, I get it; not even all 'Nestorians' are a
I'm sitting here on Ash Wednesday. I'm not going to be able to go to Mass, but I am refraining from meat today. I wonder how serious No Meat Fridays are in Lent? Is it more important than other Fridays? I don't usually keep that custom/discipline. Quite frankly, I'll probably need some sort of edict from the Archbishop to start, because not eating meat is so unnatural to me. One time, I went an entire meal without eating meat, because it all was suffused with cheese/onions/something gross, but that was not a willing choice. Anyway, I didn't come here to tell you that. I should probably piously comment on this , but I didn't come here to tell you that, either. Oh, fine. I don't think Catholic apologists and other leaders should tease Catholics about the penances they impose on themselves. Sure, they might seem weak from the outside, but not to the person who chose it. The good I have chosen to lay aside has been a gateway to anger and frustration at times, an
5 Thoughts While Reading St. Irenaeus 5. He may be irenic, but he doesn't put up with heresy. 4. He says there would still be a rule of faith even if the Apostles had not written anything. 3. Seriously, I think he had a dog named 'Paradosis.' 2. On the other hand, he says you can refute the heretics with the Scriptures. 1. I have no idea what these heretics are talking about, but it sounds like they made a mean fruit salad.

A Letter To My Family

Before I take an exam laughably called, "Fundamental Theology," (we'll get to that shortly) let me reach out as the slightly older brother to the RCIA class at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. It's February now, getting toward Easter, and the night you will (God willing) be received into the loving arms of Mother Church. I don't know most of you, and you don't know me, but my name is Jason, and I sat right where you sit each Monday night. I have been bribed with the same cookies, allegedly read the same books, prayed the same prayers, and sported the same befuddled look as you do about 56% percent of the time. You need to know that I pray for you often. Some of you have oddball reasons for being where you are, and that's OK. There's nothing they haven't heard. Some of you may be currently Protestant, and wondering what sort of funny joke this might be. Some of you want to become Catholic, but are not sure you can. I understand. I really do. In