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5 Not So Random, Disconnected Thoughts For Today 5. I am right in the heart of zealous, orthodox Catholicism, not on the inside, nor on the outside. What I can tell you is that I cannot put into words both the depth of mind and of love I have experienced. They are living, breathing examples of the two greatest commandments. Someone should tell their story. I may not have the time, the stones, or the ability to do it, but I want to try. 4. Bring it, Derrida. I will go philosophical Bruce Willis on you, back up in your face with the Resurrection. 3. Dear Canada, I apologize sincerely for the fact that the United States is turning your entire Olympics into the sports eqivalent of a petition for US statehood. In short, you're getting owned. 2. Well, I might have the obligatory Olympics crush (es) but I think she/they might be married. 1. Hey Fadi, you and the boys can come learn Scripture with the "separated brethren" any time. We'd (or at least I) be happy to help. To be
5 Reasons Why "No Country For Old Men" Is Possibly The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen 5. There is such a thing as too much suspense. 4. Brutal, callous murder. 3. No discernable reason why the problem is happening. 2. There is zero redemption. 1. Evil wins. I don't mind unhappy endings, but it wasn't even a cautionary tale. When you've made the brutal reality of the Bible seem Pollyannish, you've distorted the goodness of life as God envisioned it. On the plus side, Tommy Lee Jones makes everything better.
5 Things I Learned in Political Science 5. The vast majority of presidential elections are over in July. 4. "Votes are blunt instruments for expressing voter preferences."--Professor Jay Dow 3. "Politics isn't a science, it's an art."--Professor Rick Hardy 2. As of the 2000 Census, 57 percent of the 270 Electoral College votes needed to clinch the presidency are in the 11 states of the old Confederacy. And the number is growing. 1. "Parties exist only to win elections."--Professor L. Marvin Overby
5 Random, Disconnected Thoughts for Today 5. I'm ready for spring. 4. On the other hand, I'm ready for the 2010 elections (US). [You're always ready for elections.--ed.] Good point . 3. Baseball. 2. I still think of Doug Gilmour as a member of the Blues. 1. Yes, I actually believe the right to carry a concealed weapon will make us safer.
5 Thoughts On A Valentine's Day Sermon 5. The Lord's Prayer is hard to foul up. That's the 'Our Father' for our Romish readers, who like to shorten things (and confuse everyone). 4. Um, why don't we say 'trespasses' like everyone else? What are we, bankers? Not that there's anything wrong with that. 3. [Mind wandering] "Why do birds suddenly appear/every time you are near?/Just like me, they long to be/Close to you." 2. Empty words/phrases=beads=repitition=pagans? Lay off the beads, dude. I say 3/4 of the prayers comprising the Rosary pretty much every day. I even may or may not have beads. I know Catholics. I've served with Catholics. I love Catholics. You sir, are no Catholic (obviously). 1. Why do we ask God to forgive sins that we claim are already forgiven?
5 Random, Disconnected Thoughts for Today 5. 2 nights of poker: +$30 (-$17 for dinner); good things, good things. 4. The 'Del' in "Del Taco" must mean "greasy." 3. "There she goes/There she goes again/Racing through my brain/And I just can't contain/This feeling that remains..." 2. [Olympic theme song] Cue Bob Costas. Life is good. 1. Happy Valentine's Day! [Don't you mean, 'Happy Valentine's Day, scumbags!' or the like?--ed.] I'm trying to be thankful. I ain't mad at cha. Got nothin' but love 4 U, dawgs.