Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I’m really mad today. And before I tell you why, let me preface it with this: I hope that RINO (let the reader understand) “Democrat” John McCain politically carves Obama in bite-sized, quivering little progressive pieces. Now, formalities aside, I don’t give a rat’s behind that Mr. Obama’s middle name is Hussein. It does not evoke fear in me, nor conjure a memory of a deposed Iraqi dictator (not a lasting one, anyway). I do not believe that his election will bring Sharia law into the center of US life. If he says he’s not a Muslim, I believe him. And there is NO reason whatsoever to continue stating his full name in the hope of scaring people into not voting for him. I can think of a hundred reasons to vote against Senator Barack Obama; his connection to Islam (by family, or the technicalities of conversion from Islam) is not one of them. Some guy named Cunningham brought this out again. They say Cunningham is a conservative radio talk show host. Spewing hostility in the direction of a Democratic candidate for president does not automatically make one conservative, and that he blathers on the airwaves only means that the fans of the medium need to self-regulate. As a semi-related aside, it is quite legitimate to ask whether those past connections to Islam could affect how extremists view him. Daniel Pipes, a noted scholar on the Middle East, and onetime presidential appointee, addresses such issues here. He’s a little harsher on Obama re: openness on this issue than I am, but an interesting piece nonetheless. I’ve never heard Obama or his supporters use McCain’s middle name. Because nobody cares until you are president. (Or nobody should, in any case.) McCain was absolutely right to disavow the comments.