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Showing posts from February 23, 2020

The Trial Of Faith

I guess I have always been that guy. You know, that guy who boldly proclaims everything as if it is as obvious as 2+2 = 4. I had an acquaintance tell me once that he didn't like a book I liked, because of its "conversionist" take on politics. I loved it; I love earnest, passionate people who are forced to change their minds. Of course I do; I just described myself. I guess other people appreciate nuance in the conclusion of a matter. I don't like that; we can nuance a thing after we've made a decision about what's true. I can appreciate shades of gray after we know where each other stands. This takes me far afield from where I wanted to go. In a certain way, I don't like being so certain about Jesus. So many people are hurting, and in their pain, they are crying out, "Where was God when all this happened?" If he is so good, why has he allowed something so bad? We've all been there before. It seems like only the people who have asked a har

A Word On Sanctuary Cities And Immigration

It is profoundly immoral for the government of the United States to deport anyone whose only crime is crossing the United States border illegally. Ostensibly in defense of families harmed by people who crossed the border illegally to commit violent crimes, the Trump administration has initiated crackdowns against illegals residing in the United States. It is my firm belief that orthodox Catholics of a conservative political persuasion here in the United States have accepted this grave violation of human dignity, because the prospect of a Democrat, and their hostility to human life in the womb, blinds these voters to the moral problem presented by Trump's immigration policies. There may be an elected progressive somewhere who would aid an illegal immigrant who had also committed violent crime, and I do not support the use of sanctuary cities for that purpose. Yet for the misdemeanor of crossing the US border looking for a better life, I would stand with an immigrant and defy the