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The Emerging/Emergent Church and American Politics One of the interesting things about being a twenty-something evangelical in the new millenium has been to watch the awakening of sorts my generation is having in regard to pressing issues of the day: war, genocide, poverty, and the environment, to name a few. One other aspect of our coming of age is our cultural interaction and awareness. We are more aware of the culture's media of expression than any generation before us. We don't just affirm a multicultural United States, we live in one--whether we or our parents like it or not. Those raised in Christian homes were raised by neo-evangelicals most likely, so they aren't just curious or wary about pop culture, they love it. What is more, they view that cultural interaction as a necessary ingredient in a fruitful missional way of life. These young people and their attitudes are the Emergent Church. First, let me say that these are simply my admittedly limited observations of
I just got done listening to a few songs by Madonna (yes, Madonna) and having a conversation with myself, or with Madonna, about what I would say to her if I had the chance. First, I'd tell her, "Thanks for the music." I may not like every song of hers, but I like enough of them to make it the truth. Then I'd frankly ask her if leaving her Catholic faith was, in her mind, a good move. I mean, it's not like she went down the street to the Presbyterian church, either. She has left Jesus himself. [Note: Please don't bother writing me and telling me some variation of, "Well, Jesus isn't in the Catholic Church." If you were lucky enough that I wrote you back, I'd tell you you're quite wrong, and then I would beg of God's grace so that I didn't yell at you ungracious things. Thank you, please drive through.] In any case, I don't think I fully realize the gravity of refusing Jesus Christ. I may well know the blessing of accepting Him
I was listening to music again, this time using my computer, with my imeem account. Somehow, I found my way into the country genre, and the music of the venerable, legendary, incomparable George Strait. Actually, I know the way I got there: via Ty Herndon's music, this site or some person calling a song "related" when it is nothing of the sort. Anyway, I thought it would be the subject of a nice diverting top 5 list, when I realized to my horror (and probably to my spiritual detriment!) that it would be impossible to rank even my 5 favorite George Strait songs. The man has 57 number one singles. He's probably singing 58, 59, and 60 right now. And that's just the number ones. So I knew only one way to settle this: Listen to 5 Strait songs at random, and merely note them in that manner. So, without further ado: Five Great Songs At Random From The Obscenely Amazing Catalog Of George Strait: 5. "Amarillo By Morning" 4. "All My Ex's Live In Texas&q
The Top 5 Reasons Dr. Scott Hahn Fries The Bacon On My Theological BLT: (in other words, is awesome) 5. He uses the Bible. A lot. And well. 4. Silly word puns in the chapters of his books. 3. He was a Presbyterian. 2. He isn't now! :) (and that's at least terribly interesting) 1. Dr. Hahn is effectively (and lovingly) mocking President Obama and the death-cult he is leading, having had six children.
Lennox Lewis, the noted British heavyweight boxing champion, is being inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. Boxing is my second-favorite sport, behind baseball. Still, my appreciation has grown mostly in this decade, bolstered by ESPN's "Wednesday/Friday Night Fights," but having its real genesis in "Tuesday Night Fights" which used to air on USA Network in the 90s when I grew up. (Thanks, Kenny Albert & "The Champ" Sean O'Grady.) You see, free boxing on TV is so beautiful and tragic. You see the young up-and-comers before fame and Pay-Per View snatches them up. You also get to see the journeymen, who fight because they love it, or because they have nothing else. In the same way baseball types get sappy about the minors and Little League ('when it was a game', it goes, before something was lost) boxing fans are the same way. Now, on national TV with ESPN is a pretty huge deal, one can surely say. But you won't see a mega-fight (not