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James Taylor Is Bloody Incredible

I might have just done the equivalent of saying, "Water is awesome!" Thanks a bunch, Admiral Obvious. But seriously. I just picked my 22 favorites; I've not even come close to hearing the man's entire catalog. But are you serious? Someone should say this, before we lose him and miss our chance. If I have ever written a poem or song worth anything, I hope one day to write one somewhere close to his quality. More than this, his voice is one of the most beautiful instruments on Earth, especially for a pop singer! Garth Brooks named his daughter Taylor after him. Taylor Swift is named after him. He's The Man. I appreciate another song every time I listen. "Never Die Young" is slaying me today. I'm not even sure I understand it, but I want to. That's a great song, friends. I get why Nicole DeMille likes him so much. Really, I get why a bunch of people do. The reason "soft rock" is great is because it is constructed with the styles of