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Gimme 5

5 Thoughts For Today 5. Eat it, KU. 4. Go Ravens? I guess. 3. Dr. Derek Sheppard: The Denzel Washington of fictional TV surgeons. 2. Star Trek, TNG Barbarity Watch: You get two warnings on "stun" before I vaporize you. I am William T. Riker. ("The Vengeance Factor") 1. Star Trek, TNG Fornication Watch: Apparently, Troi and Riker courted one another by sleeping with as many other people as possible.

The Spirit Of Vatican II

In trying to ascertain God's work in and through an ecumenical council, you might hear commentators refer to the "spirit of the Council," or in the case of the most recent one, "the spirit of Vatican II." In general, it is a way to refer to the links this council has with the previous ones, and to suggest how God might be leading the Church forward as a result of the Council. It is most basic to Catholic identity to believe that God guides and protects the Church, so, if the phrase is indeed more than a buzz-word, nothing could be more natural for the faithful to ask, "What has God done through the Council?" Indeed, Blessed Pope John Paul II made it the central program of his pontificate to implement Vatican II, as numerous writings would attest. (This is not an essay, so feel free to check that out for yourself.) So it's important to get it right. Many people either maliciously or ignorantly view the Council as the occasion for the Church to chang

You List When You Talk

5 Thoughts For Today 5. Respectfully, Chuck Hagel ought to withdraw. If you are afraid to stand by your own views, you're not worthy. It doesn't matter what they are. 4. John McCain may actually be a self-righteous war-loving blowhard, (or not) but in any case, he's earned the right--by his position as our representative--to get an answer to his question(s). As have the others. 3. Why did Obama nominate this guy? 2. Are all public officials allergic to answering direct questions in a direct way? 1. There is a distinct difference between nuance, and simply being incoherent, or a candy-***. [Did you call a decorated warrior that?--ed.] You can lack in one kind of fortitude, and have an abundance of another. And not all virtues are applicable to every situation.

A Counterpoint

Let me preface this by saying that I like Ray Lewis and the Ravens, and will be rooting for them in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Lewis is possibly the best ever at his position. It is a privilege, even on the eve of this his very last game, to watch him play. BUT... From "The Hater's Guide To Ray Lewis," this money quote: " Ray Lewis is a cheap televangelist. People who flaunt their faith the loudest are very often the biggest phonies. This is why I'm convinced that Tim Tebow murdered six drifters in the spring of '03 and never told a soul about it. And this is why Ray Lewis comes across as nothing so much as a muscular Jim Bakker with an arm brace." And I admit that it's probably true. I'd say Tebow has done the very opposite of flaunt his faith, but that was funny, in a dark way.

Happy Birthday To Me

5 Thoughts For Today 5. I hate the world. Seriously. 4. What she said. 3. The year I was a senior in high school--1998--we had a ban on phones and other electronics. Why is it hard to say, "During the school day, you don't need that stuff"? 2. We need moms and dads for this stuff; it's not that government shouldn't do it, it's just too big. 1. And we need Jesus. "Mom," "Dad," "Love," and "Good" are things we should know anyway, but He makes it plain, especially for those of us who've been through some things.

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney

5 Thoughts While Listening To Whitney Houston 5. Um, why didn't Babyface write ALL her songs? 4. She still passes my "sing test" pretty easily. 3. Where was I while she was ruling the music world? [You were like 7.--ed.] 2. Have you heard anything like "I Have Nothing" in your life? 1. "Victimless crimes," my foot. What about us?

Truth And Loving People

I've loved a lot of people in my time. That is to say, I have felt the sentiment or the emotion of love, which I readily grant, is not the extent of it, or even its essence. Sometimes, you have to tick a person off to love them. Truth and love are never far apart in the good life. This blog in general is devoted to truth in love. For example, I think being Protestant is tenuous. Perhaps today is the day that modernity and postmodernity take down whatever ecclesial edifice you happen to be inhabiting; maybe you have been taken down long ago by persistent falsehood without knowing it. But I can only rejoice in new appointments to the pastorate insofar as it helps my friends eat and feed their families. Also, I can rejoice in those elements of truth still found and heard in those places. But the first hard truth of the day is this: that truth was stolen from the Catholic Church. Creedal Christianity is Catholic Christianity. It's just as well that truth was stolen; after all, it

You Get The Snark For Being An Idiot

5 Snarky Thoughts 5. Ahem . 4. You know, there are corrupt lawyers, prosecutors, and judges all over our system, but no one ever says, "We should have a national debate on the necessity of the 5th and 6th Amendments." Isn't that funny? 3. I thought about boycotting Buffalo Wild Wings, but I don't have the guts. The wings are too good. On the other hand, if it saves even one life... 2. I would like to think about whether it's fair for the 1% to have all that money, but it's above my pay grade. 1. Um, did the ERA pass when I wasn't looking? So we're going from fighting unnecessary wars to losing them, cool.