Friday, February 07, 2020


I watched his speech, announcing his impeachment vote. I loved it. I thought and felt everything he said. Romney is right. And it's this steadfast decency that is so out of place today. Many people have reconciled themselves to Trump, and defend him to the point of celebration. That's not the GOP I believe in. I'm not kidding when I say I'd rather lose than fight dirty. And I should rather die than compromise myself. Which of the two men is closer to the martyrs? C'mon, you know the answer.

It's also true that various left-leaning media and commentators now bestow upon Romney Strange New Respect, as we call it. That's what we call it when a Republican does something that hurts another Republican, or helps the Democrats in the short term. We know their praise is short-lived, and so does Sen. Romney. The key point here is, however, that Romney does not control the reactions and motivations of others. He stated his motives clearly, and I definitely believe him. And for those of you who think it was an act, and that he has something to gain, I would reply that I remember how stiff and awkward he was in speeches. He's not a good actor. Truthfully, he's a kind-hearted, out-of-touch-in-the-best-way dork, for lack of a better term. And what is there to gain? He may even lose his Senate seat in 2024, since there are so many people now professing to be ashamed that they voted for him. The braying masses, who are playing such an intense game of Follow the Leader that they can't remember how they called Obama's following a "personality cult." It would be funny, if it weren't so sad.

In fairness, Romney's doing penance, for praising Trump in the run-up to 2012. He's trying to make up for the "47 percent" comment, and for taking a hard line on immigration, in order to shore up his base in that election. He's a hard-liner in nothing, except decency.

Romney hearkens back to Eisenhower, to the Bushes, and to some aspects of Reagan. Broadly acceptable Republicans, who struck fear into the Democrats without debasing us and themselves. Now people just call him a "loser." If only I could be a loser like that!

It's true that you'll never get anywhere chasing the approval of Democrats and the media. It's true that opposing abortion will get you pilloried by these same people. It's true that they never apologize, never surrender, and will do almost anything to win. It's also true that Christian voters should understand and accept persecution for the sake of righteousness. Now, they seemingly fight with no righteousness at all.

Romney isn't the best vessel to teach us this, but it seems almost perverse to say it that way. Christians have convinced themselves that the head of a new kakistocracy is King Cyrus. Frankly, I'm dizzy from the astonishing lack of perspective.

In any case, thank you, Senator Romney. I'd be honored to vote for you again.