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The Liturgy Is Not Performance Art

I'm going to confess the substance of some uncharitable thoughts I've had at times. Please forgive me; I'm trying to let them go, and they serve my point today. Here goes. I've often thought, "I hate the Latin Mass." I've attended at least 10, I should think, over the years. If I went to a TLM parish, I may well grow into it. As an aside, I had two years of Latin in high school and college. I should have been less bewildered. So anyway, I'm inclined to appreciate things like people kneeling, and receiving on the tongue. I think ad orientem should just be the normal way the priest celebrates Mass, in both forms of the Latin Rite. Does anyone know why the Gloria is not always in Latin, in both forms? And the Our Father? I digress. I don't like certain other things. I don't like how TLM is supposed to be the badge of a "Real Catholic." I don't like the basic attitude that the Ordinary Form is defective. I don't like the basic