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The Seven Stages Of Roger Federer In A Major

7 Rounds, 7 Reactions. These are the reactions of Roger Federer's opponents in a major championship: Round 1: "Holy buckets! I get to play Federer! I'll be telling this story until I'm dead." Round 2: "Holy buckets, it's Roger Federer! Maybe if he plays horribly, I can make history. It's happened!" Round 3: "No matter what, the money's getting good. And if I win, someone's making a movie." Round 4: "Weather the early storm. If I'm not down 2 sets, I have a shot." Round 5: "If I beat him here, maybe I can win the whole thing." Round 6: "I'm not scared. But he's still Roger Federer." Round 7: "Championship Final. Sod it, he's got enough of these already." Djokovic: "They will never love me like they do him. Oh, well. It's my time now." Nadal: "I own him, but it never seems that way." Murray: "He's still here? I'm getting

Somebody Made Senator Cory Booker Mad

Frankly, I liked what he had to say.  A few of the phrases are indicative of what many on the Right derisively call "identity politics," but they didn't bother me. The president's comment was appalling and indefensible, but we're so used to it now, I probably just wasted my life saying it. I seem like a liberal to many people, because I'm not willing to set aside my revulsion to defeat the Baby-Killers. I think that civility and respect should be a hallmark of politics always. And it may be galling that Barack Obama gets credit for that supposed civility in the face of his heinous policies. But when did Republicans decide that winning took the place of that civility? Is it my fault that I don't agree with that decision? Absolutely, I'd rather lose with honor than win without it. Me just saying that is inspiring many of you to start sentences with, "But..." I don't want to hear it. If you don't agree, or don't understand, there