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Thank you, Marty Roe: "...I bless the day I met you/And I thank God that he let you/[st]ay beside me for a moment that lives on/And the good news is I'm better/For the time we spent together/And the bad news is/You're gone."
I want every one to know that despite a widening delegate lead for Governor Romney to the tune of about 200 delegates, Santorum ought not despair. He did very well tonight; the fact remains that the majority of Republicans do not support Romney. If Santorum-Gingrich voters supported one person, that man would win. After the southern primaries next week, Gingrich will not be in the race, in my opinion. The delegate race is indeed close if the two conservative candidates' support is combined. With due respect, Gingrich would not defeat Romney head-to-head. But I do believe that most if not all of Gingrich's supporters would back Santorum. At the risk of great offense, the second choice of a not insignificant portion of Romney supporters is President Obama. Romney will not beat Obama in November. Mr. Gingrich, sir, for the sake of a real choice in November, drop out now. 1144 is the only number that matters: the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. Romney can easil
I saw a couple things on Facebook that got me thinking today: One of my friends noted that she will have been "with child" for about half the time she's been married. Wow. Someone give her a hand! I mean, help her out! How To Tell You're An Actual Catholic: Your first reaction to this story is, "No way they're artificially contracepting, and that's great!" (Her husband was my neighbor in college; they're quite devout Protestants.) I hope if I am called to marriage that I learn to put my wife's needs before my desires, because there is no selfish sex, properly speaking, and blessings definitely come! Both possible states fill me with unmitigated terror, but I would much prefer the terror shared with a mate than consecrated celibacy terror. Consecrated celibacy terror also comes with the, "I don't even like these people" terror, the "Dude, seriously, more school" terror, and the "Pretty robes, captive audience, and
I somewhat inadvertently checked in on my adopted Lady Vols basketball team last night, playing for an SEC tournament title. That would make 16, by the way. To go with 8 national championships and nearly 1100 wins. It didn't really feel like they were in any threat of losing, though it was close. You're darn right the whole thing was bittersweet. Coach Summitt is the greatest basketball coach on Earth, (arguably) but little by little, she's being deprived of herself. It's early-onset dementia. We don't know if this season is her last. We don't know how fast it's progressing. It's very likely that Tennessee will remain one of the top programs in women's college basketball, but as soon as Summitt leaves, they will decline. They are like a veritable Death Star on most days; like most dominant schools in college sports, they beat opponents on pure intimidation. Even the teams that challenge them define themselves in opposition. Geno Auriemma of Connectic