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Showing posts from March 30, 2003
John Kerry's comments were ill-founded. In a time of war, the President should expect some measure of support from other political leaders simply as the Commander-In-Chief. As the article says, there is plenty of time for election shenangans after the war is over.
JK is dead. I regret to inform all his loyal and loving readers that he has accidentally choked on a combination of coke and belligerent comments. The two evidently do not mix well. Unfortunately, he still hasn't learned his lesson. As I write this, he sits here trying to dissuade me from making this post, nursing coke all the while. He even contends that I can't figure out what to say next. "Blathering randomly" as he puts it. He should know.
Good grief, I stink at this! Sorry, Nate. Let's talk about some of the problems one encounters if one says that "your truth is not my truth." Subjectifying religious experience in this way excludes the person who says, "Eureka! I have found it! I found the Truth!" We don't struggle with this quite so much in other areas of life, like science. But hellfire and brimstone will be poured on the one who dares suggest that there's one way to God. And that is amusingly ironic, don't you think?