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One of the interesting things about The Masters major golf tournament going on right now is the presence of 52-year-old Fred Couples at the top of the leader board. It is interesting, but it shouldn't be surprising. Fred Couples was regarded as one of the most naturally talented golfers ever to come along when he arrived. He became a Masters champion in 1992. If it were not for injuries in his younger years, he would be even more regarded. Last year, he also shot a 67 on Friday to hit the top of the board. He played poorly on the weekend, but he has the ability even now to win. Golf has long been a game that muted the physical advantages that accrue to youth. The greatest golfer ever, Jack Nicklaus, won his final Masters (his sixth) in 1986 at the age of 46. It can be done. Tom Watson was 60 when he led the British Open with a chance to win, eventually losing in a playoff. I always root for "old guys" in sports, but victories by the more experienced should become more com
What? I didn't publish for two days? Way to go, idiot. I just want to say a few things. I saw 'The Hunger Games' tonight; yes, it is as good as you've heard. I didn't finish the book in time, but what I did was pretty precisely followed by the film. The author wrote the screenplay, which is likely to work well. The book is enthralling, (so far) as is the movie. I won't discuss the plot here; you can find out on your own. I went with a close friend. She's attractive, and she well knows how I feel. But it's not the right time. Maybe it will never be. I think I'm OK with that. All I find myself praying is not to lose this close friend as I lost the last. We're always in a battle with ourselves as guys, between doing and seeking the good for another, and what we desire. For me, it's a special challenge. If you have a severe physical disability/challenge/whatever we're calling it now, the biggest struggle you will ever face is wanting to be kn
5 Thoughts On The Day That Was 5. Happy Palm Sunday. You know, Jesus would go to Jerusalem for you and me again, if He had to. Let's rejoice that once was plenty. 4. I'm a women's basketball fan through and through, but I'm still a man. Given the fact that my Lady Vols failed to make the Final Four and are thus disqualified from consideration, my NCAA 2012 Tournament Crush is... Skylar Diggins . 3. I love the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 2. "In Your mercy, gather all Your children, scattered throughout the world." 1. At this , I would have been proud to cry like a girl.