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Showing posts from January 24, 2010
5 Things Necessary For An Obama State of the Union Address 5. A steadfast patriotic optimism. 4. The proper mixture of snark and good will. 3. Patience. 2. Poker chips and cards. 1. Copious amounts of beer. P.S. Seriously, though, I love this guy. I can disagree with 90% percent of what he says, and still say, "Geez, that was a good speech," and, "I'm glad he's in the big chair right now." Even if he is a one-termer.
5 Of My Favorite Songs By Overly Emotional White People 5. " Almost Paradise "by Mike Reno (whoever that is) and Ann Wilson. 4. " Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire " by David Foster. 3. " Next Time I Fall " by Peter Cetera and Amy Grant. 2. " Forever " by Kenny Loggins. 1. " Foolish Beat " by Debbie Gibson. Don't even act like you don't like them. You were singing every word, and humming the other one! Maybe I should have called the list "5 Guiltiest Musical Pleasures" or something. Don't judge me!
5 Thoughts on the NFC Championship Game 5. Did the Vikings all catch fumble-itis before this game? 4. The Saints fans aren't that good. They got quiet at key times when they were needed. 3. Chester Taylor is really good. 2. The overtime coin-toss is always tails. Everyone knows this, except apparently Jared Allen. 1. I fear that The Legend Brett Favre will be known in the popular mind as Brett "Throws Bone-Headed Picks In Crunch-Time" Favre. (Totally unfair, in my view.) P.S. Yes, I know I didn't say anything nice about the Saints. But I don't like the Saints right now, OK? But fear not, when they play Darth Manning and the Colts next week, I'm totally on the bandwagon.