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Scrupulosity: The Enemy Within

Scrupulosity is an excessive fear of having offended God, or the belief that what I have done renders me beyond God's mercy. Believe it or not, I have struggled with this. It's a species of pride. Last night, as I was contemplating the superabundance of God in various blessings--and noting ruefully that there must be some mistake--something just clicked. "Where do I get off, telling Jesus he made a mistake?" You see, my friends, Jesus didn't wait until any of us were "acceptably spiritual." Indeed, what does the Scripture say? "God shows his own love for us in this: that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Think about that, now. Are we trying to tell Jesus he doesn't know what he's gotten himself into? On the face of it, it's absurd. Do you think someone who hasn't received Confession in 40 years may have some shame? And that's another thing: All these ex-Catholics out there proclaiming the "good ne

5 Thoughts For Today

5. You have the right to keep a handgun in your house for self-defense. (And other types of guns for sport.) You have a duty to yourself and others to seriously consider whether you need one/them. 4. I don't really blame Black America for supposing that this passion for the Second Amendment is and would be less enthusiastic if Black men starting advocating for themselves in the same way. 3. We do have a white nationalism problem. 2. We do have a problem of angry white men in general. Terrorism, that is. 1. I know one way we can all do our part, and solve lots of problems: Stop getting divorced.