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Showing posts from February 26, 2012
5 Thoughts For Today 5. Until today, I had only heard of Miles Davis. I love you, Spotify. 4. If Romney wins Ohio, it's over. Please wake me up in 2016. We can't win with this Massachussetts Communist as our nominee. 3. I'm not voting for this guy. Just so you know. 2. Newt, drop out. You can't win. It's Santorum or doom. 1. I shall drink a fizzy beverage, and like it.
My family was watching 'The Bachelor' the other evening; I could get judgmental about it and talk about the culture going to Hell in a handbasket, but in truth, I watched the whole season last time. Brad & Emily. You could see it coming a mile away. It was adorable! She had lost her fiance in a tragic plane crash while pregnant with her now 5 year old daughter. Well, naturally, it didn't work out and Emily will be the next 'Bachelorette.' If you've never seen either of these two shows, our protagonist is presented with 25 members of the opposite sex, whittling them down a few at a time until the final show, whereupon the protagonist proposes. Anyway, one of the things that makes me uncomfortable (other that dating and proposing on national TV) is that right before the finale, the contestants are invited in turn to spend the evening alone with our star in the 'Fantasy Suite.' One aspect of this is that it's away from the cameras for the first time
To certain enthusiastic Lutherans: This is the substance of what I was trying to say today. Have we indeed reached a point when--irrespective of doubts about doctrinal development--the principal doctrinal dispute at the time of the Reformation has been favor of the Catholic Church? I beg pardon if my manner of expression lacks a certain nicety common to the diplomats. Nevertheless, the point holds.
5 Sweet Santorum Slogans 5. Santorum. Because it sounds like a semi-obscure European ski town. 4. Santorum. Because we haven't had a Rick this cool since "Jessie's Girl." 3. Santorum. Sorry, Newt. The jokes are too easy. 2. Santorum. Because if I wanted a nice-looking guy to spout meaningless slogans, I'd vote for Obama. 1. Santorum. He's wrong on trade, but he's right about not killing people for no good reason.