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Define Your Terms: Pet Peeve Edition

"every day"--tells you that some occurrence happens each day, e.g. "I walk by this school every day." "everyday"--an adjective modifying some noun that tends to connote "commonplace" or "ordinary," e.g. "As an engineer, he had trouble grasping the nuances of everyday conversation." These two uses, though bearing some close relationship to each other, are in fact not the same. Thank you, and good day.

Vote For The Democrat? Under These Conditions

You know, I made a huge mistake in 2008, in my thought process for presidential voting. I was dead-right about most of the positive things regarding Barack Obama that I spoke or wrote about him. The bad things are deadly grave. And the truth is, I didn't give those things enough weight. I wasn't Catholic. Had I been, I'm not sure what I would have done. I know I would have been fairer to John McCain. Anyway, we're at the point now where, even if the Democratic Party is more fervently committed to graver evils, it's not at all clear that casting a vote for a Democratic nominee is out of the question, precisely because the Republican Party platform is out of step with our ethics, also. To be clear, it is important to maintain that not all evils carry equal weight, either in this thought process, or in a straightforward look through the eyes of moral theology: acts according to their object, intention, and circumstances. However, if a candidate's ideology counten