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Showing posts from October 30, 2011
Average Chris Carpenter Cardinals Season: 16-7, 3.05 ERA. Average Greg Maddux Braves Season: 18-8, 2.61 ERA. Not too bad, Chris. Maddux is a first-ballot Hall of Famer when he becomes eligible in 2013, and is among the 10 greatest pitchers ever to pick up a ball.
Hilarious YouTube Comment of the Day: "I am a total Metalhead all the way but this dude's voice is otherworldly. He could be singing about toasters and it would be art."--some guy, referring to James Taylor.
5 Random, Disconnected Thoughts For Today 5. I played poker last night for the first time in ages (online, play money). Played well, but lost. 4. I got a voter ID card the other day; sorry, if there was something to vote on, it wasn't important enough for me. 3. It turns out there are Republicans in Hollywood. Should have known Eastwood was. 2. If the Cardinals--uh, sorry, I mean, the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals--can't find a manager, I'll do it. 1. You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall.
Today, I'm sad. We had to put down our dog, Cubby. That was his name because he looked like a bear cub, not because we have any affection for the Cubs! (as should be obvious from the blog) Anyway, believe me when I tell you that he was the best dog a person could ask for. Always happy, even to the end. He understood that I had a disability; he just worked around it. He spent long hours just guarding my door. He'd jump around like a lunatic at the sight of us; he'd bark like a mad dog at strangers, and then ask for pets 2 minutes later. It wasn't long ago he'd lay right behind my wheelchair and be jarred to action by the magnetic click of my brakes releasing. He was the dumbest, most adorable Australian Shepherd you ever saw. One green eye, and one clear. My favorite pastime was to put on my affectionate voice and say, "Are you so stupid, Cubby? Yes, you're so stupid!" I used to say, "You're a silly Cubby" and "You're our Cubby-do