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Showing posts from May 24, 2009
I don't know if anyone is reading this blog, but if you have, you'll figure out the meaning of this next poem quickly. I have a little more free time these past couple weeks, and so, it has been taken up with much prayer, discussion, and struggle. Anyway, when too many words tire oneself and one's closest mates, (and you still have something to say) poetry can sum things up. And I'm plain scared, though I'm excited, and I believe the Lord, the God of Israel, will give me rest. And yet here it is: The Darkness Who will peer with me Into the Darkness? Who will stand by me As I look into what cannot be seen? Who is my friend? Who will hear my words, "I know very little" And still say, "You are loved"? Are You the one? We say, "These are notions which must not be spoken" Our tribes, each one different Placing Another Outside While we vainly say, "Our Shepherd is the same." And He is. Praise what I do know, He is! And curse it


"Toward A New Theology" (Continued) Proceeding from the hopefully obvious assumption that Christians could, and should, do everything we can to maintain visible unity (such as it is, with the Church in a million pieces), I came across this. (The writer, Bryan Cross, is a new friend. Be charitable in the comments, whether you agree or disagree, for my sake and for the Lord's.) Up to this point in my explorations, I have been "thinking like a Protestant" as he describes with regard to these matters, because frankly, I don't know what else to do. Whether I can accept a doctrine as formulated and defended by the Catholic Church is of no minor importance to me. I'm a theologian; it matters that something of God be intellectually defensible in my own mind. Still, talking with Mrs. Cross the other day, I realized that the central question of my whole quest is whether the Roman Catholic Church is the one that Christ founded. Interestingly, I've had an