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Showing posts from February 7, 2010
Let me preface this by saying that in all this time of theological exploration, I have never felt pressured or disrespected in any way. I think that's a two-way street; my new friends have seen I hope, that I have inquisited in an open-hearted way, and so have they. It doesn't have to be that way, and it often isn't. But I thought to myself, "What would it sound like, the same questions translated into Snark?" Yes, I invented that lingual designation. So, here are some pro-Catholic observations I have made, with snarky comments attached. They are as much things I have said to myself as anything. 5 Truths, Seconded By Snark 5. "I'll say this for Catholic sexual ethics: they are remarkably consistent." [Jesus is logical and coherent, no way! Never would have guessed!--ed.] 4. "Protestantism is seemingly hermeneutical chaos." [Duh! Why do you think we got off the sinking ship there, Sherlock?--ed.] 3. "I'm not sure Scripture is per
5 Thoughts on Duke-North Carolina 5. Gilyard's ineffectiveness is sad. 4. Zubek is offensively incompetent. 3. When the winning team shoots 30% FG, that's a rough night. 2. 2-7 in conference play is not going to cut it, North Carolina. 1. I will really enjoy watching North Carolina miss the NCAA Tournament.
5 Thoughts On Music, Songs, And Whatever I Feel Like 5. David Foster was described as "schmaltzy" in this video. Hocus. Most people who say stuff like that think earnestness and cynicism are the same thing, and think a good movie is one where everyone dies. 4. You can have a great song as the theme to a bad movie. "Endless Love," anyone? 3. Nothing but love for the dude who has worked with everyone from neo-classicists like Buble and Bocelli to Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. 2. I have sometimes fought the urge to stab my own eyes out listening to a song written by Diane Warren ; however, the sheer volume of her catalog, combined with my love-hate-love relationship with the musical form, assures that I like a few of her songs. 1. George Michael wins the "Glen Campbell Award for Too Much Talent In One Person, Nearly Wasted By Personal Problems."
5 Random, Disconnected Thoughts for Today 5. Apparently, to be a "helper" in God's thought-world is not to be lesser, since He names himself this lots of times in the Bible. 4. I have long defended Fox News from charges of bias, especially with respect to the other networks (who think all that is required to be a "moderate Republican" is an 'R' next to one's name). But let me be frank: Fox News really does suck. At least the website. I'm a libertarian or something close, but believe it or not, I don't wake up with an abiding dislike of Obama, or Pelosi, or Reid. And I don't want pictures of half-naked women on a news page. Did I miss something? 3. Taco Bell is great. Just great. Like a 28-year-old Brett Favre or a 20 oz. fresh Coke in a bottle. 2. She was "I might steal a car if she told me to" kind of beautiful. I hate it when that happens. 1. Happy 30th birthday, KM. Haha, I told everyone!
5 Political Thoughts for Today 5. John Murtha has died. Firstly, I hope he is in the loving arms of Jesus right now. Secondly, the Democrats are in big trouble; their stalwarts are aged. 4. I predicted the intra-GOP war four years too early. It has been said often that they could have held power while having the civil war if they'd been smart; they were not. 3. Obama is losing independents 2-1, if polling is correct. Mr. President, you have misread the meaning of your campaign and election, and have done so since at least the Wisconsin primary, in my view. More Iowa victory speech, less State of the Union. 2. The key for the GOP is to channel the anger of the Tea Party into specific proposals that they espouse, and the Democrats oppose. They might also be tempted to be hard on Obama, given his weakness, but I would do the opposite. Make President Cool continue to look unpresidential. There's a whole slew of voters all over the ideological spectrum who took a flier on Obama beca
5 Thoughts On Super Sunday 5. Less hype than in the past. Yes, this is a recession. 4. Why didn't the Colts test the Saints' secondary? New Orleans bet that Joseph Addai could not gash them enough to switch out of coverage, and they were right. But I can't see them covering Wayne, Collie, Garcon, and Clark all at different depths for 60 minutes. 3. Can we now take Manning's MVP and give it rightly to Drew Brees? 2. Bet on it: Somewhere, Brett Favre is smiling, and plotting his return. 1. No, you are not crazy; the New Orleans Saints are world champions of football.