Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is another entry in the "I'm 59, and a living legend" file, along with the celebrated Coach Summitt. I found myself listening to Country (Western) music after a full weekend of swimming in the vast sea that is Catholic theology. I understand that this form of music is not everyone's cup of Earl Grey; hot, (let the reader understand) but I have two words: George Strait. 59 #1 singles, people! The 12th best-selling musician in American popular music history. And this isn't even one of the chart-toppers. Hey Cross, after you're done with that MacIntyre, you could check him out. I love this one. I admit it, that cover by Taylor Swift you might see further down was fantastic. [Don't even act like you dislike Taylor Swift.--ed.] You're right; there's no fighting it! But anyway, George is one of my Big Three. [How should we feel about the fact that 2 of the 3 are Country artists?--ed.] You should feel that this is awesome.

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Timothy R. Butler said...

Good to see you are giving Taylor her due. And that the good Mr. Cross is reading MacIntyre -- my favorite living ethicist!

Incidentally, both of you should come see Stanley Hauerwas at Fontbonne in a few weeks. I can't remember if I cc'ed Bryan the info or not (I received it from Concordia), but I think some LU folks are going to be there. I have a class at the time, but the prof. thinks he might let us off so that we can head over to our neighboring campus and hear the lecture.