Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 Irritated Thoughts on Tim Tebow

5. Look, Bryan Phillips, we get it: You don't like Tim Tebow (or Brett Favre*, for that matter) but most normal people do, and seriously, what is it with you people?

4. Tebow wins. At every level. Why wouldn't you roll the dice in re-building mode?

3. You're darn right that we like how he appears to be exactly what he says--a real Christian--who's willing to stand up for that weird sub-cultural tenet that we shouldn't kill each other. What a freak.

2. They won the game, didn't they? And almost won the week before.

1. I'll take 10 Tim Tebows over a whole league of "real," "gritty," and "flawed" people you tell us to like.

*Brett Favre is, of course, (with respect) a scumbag, whose beauty queen of a wife would have divorced him long ago if she weren't Catholic. But he was fun to watch.

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