Tuesday, April 07, 2015

What About The Yankees?

I think they could win the AL East. Everybody says they're too old, hurt, and thin in the starting rotation. Bupkus. In three months time, we'll be talking about breakout pitching star Nathan Eovaldi, along with Tanaka and Pineda. The Yankees offense doesn't terrify, but it's good enough. Really. And while much has been made of the decline of CC Sabathia--perhaps rightly so--if he posts 16-10, 4.20 ERA, you'd take it. And he can do that.

They'll catch it well, too. Saving runs is as important as scoring them these days. They'll figure out who the closer is, also, and it will be fine.

Most importantly, the manager isn't some fool. I have no idea how I'd order the top 5 managers in baseball, but Joe Girardi is one of them. If it's close, he'll push them over the top. Yes, I actually believe this.

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